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100% satisfaction guaranteed

— Our Mission

Customers are our first priority and as such we listen to every single customers needs and always endeavour to give them precisely what they ask for. We are in the business of satisfaction both with the job we do and the customer service we provide.

We want to provide an overall great experience for our customers to ensure they get everything they want and more from a visit to KMC Barbers.

Our Team

All our artistic members are the chosen ones
Ko Kawai

Ko Kawai


Ko has a wealth of experience in the art of Barbering. He has a unique background having trained at Samsung group in his native Japan where he won coveted awards for his skills. Ko worked in Tokyo for a number of years before relocating to the U.K. Prior to opening KMC Barbers he worked in East Didsbury.

Ko is dedicated, passionate and highly skilled in his profession and is now committed to taking KMC Barbers and the industry to the next level.



Our Diva Sami has been Ko’s right hand lady for a long time now, managing the shop with skill and experience. She is kind hearted, welcoming and has a wealth of knowledge and expertise. Don’t be
fooled by Sami’s flamboyant, carefree persona, there is nothing carefree about her work, she is the ultimate professional. Sami has an extensive repertoire of skills from longer styles to skin fades. We
have never come across a Barber with such an all round capability and talent.


Simon is a big gentle man with a warm heart. This quality in him relaxes his customers. However, he is very serious about his work and always does a perfect job. Si is keen to study new styles and
techniques in order to stay at the top of his game. His easy going nature and superb skills make him a Barber people want to visit again and again.


Matt is the latest addition to our team. He is a people person and as such has excellent customer service skills. However, his skill as a Barber is the most impressive thing about him, he is one of the best Barbers we have ever come across.